Monday, June 22, 2015

Tari Piring : From a plate become a great and awesome dance

Beside of many natural tourism object, West Sumatra also has tourism art that'll make you impressed. One of them is Tari Piring. In recent years, Government of West Sumatra establish Tari Piring as one of main art tourism in West Sumatra.
To make you impressed, here I show you a video of Tari Piring. Enjoy it ! :D
Tari Piring comes from West Sumatra, exactly in Solok. At first, Tari Piring danced by man and woman to give offerings to their gods as an expression of thankfulness who bless the farmer with a good harvest. They're dancing and holding the plate in their palms simultaneously and it's very agile. There's three variation of motion in Tari Piring such as Tupai Bagaluik, Bagalombang, and Aka Malilik. 
However, as Islam came to Nusantara, the purpose and the meanings of this dance change into a dance which then shown in marriage ceremony, not as a dance to celebrate and worship their Gods. Change also appear in the dancer composition, where the composition of Tari Piring nowadays consist of all women, no men included. I'm sure you'll not believe that the dancers dance with fast and attractive motions, powerful, full of spirit and very beautiful. No plate fall while they dance. The dance started with the dancers who move according to the dance choreography by placing the plate in their own hands with no fall or even shifted, it's perfectly awesome and amazing.
The atmosphere become lively with the music instruments accompany the dance motions such as Talempong and Saluang. The dancer costumes generally use bright colour to support the festive atmosphere of the event. You'll listen typical rhythm created from plates and rings which are held and used by the dancers. Next, in the middle of the show, get ready to watch a throwing plates attraction. The plates which is held by the dancer will be thrown very high into the sky and later its pieces will be trampled by the dancer with the dance motion continuously. It describe expressions of joy and thankfulness of a good harvest given by God. Amazingly, the dancer won't ever get any injuries even they use no footwear. Generraly, the dancer composition consist of three, five, or seven dancers (must be odd numbers).
Tari Piring is well-known its uniqueness to the whole world. The dance has been danced and staged beyond West Sumatra such as Jakarta, Medan, Pekanbaru, and many more. It also has been staged in event of tour festival of Nusantara cultures and ever staged in another countries as part of Nusantara tour festival in Malaysia, Singapore, Serbia, and some countries in europe.

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