Saturday, May 23, 2015

World Lens : Can't understand German, Russian, Spanish, or even English? Don't worry!

Have you ever speak beside using your native language? Not yet ? So do I :D. Actually, I only can speak 2 languages, first is Indonesian, the other one is English, but english isn't enough for traveling to the entire of the world. There's another country where the local people there mostly use their local languages, besides english as a second language.

It could be worse if you wanna travel to a country where the people can't speak english instead of their local language. It can be happen anywhere and anytime. It'll become a disaster if the country doesn't provide road signs which has signs with english. Then, what'll you do if the things become a real? Ask the local people there? 50:50, they might be understand your question / permission, but some might be don't. Ask the policeman or the officer? Yes they might bring you to your destination, but how if there's no policeman or local officer there? Sounds terrible, doesn't it ?

Don't worry my friends, there's still a light (hope) that'll bring you to the heaven (your travel destination). It will not make you worry to travel to the favorite country such as Germany, Russia, Spain, I have tried it and it's amazing. Now you don't need to confuse of foreign languages that make you piss off and your head burned. Just open the app, then you'll directed to the menu and choose language you need translated. 

Yes, the app name is World Lens. You can download it on Playstore or Apple store. It support for English, Germany, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese, and many more. Its size only 45,23 MB after installing the app. You just need to open the app, place your camera into the english/spanish/ or etc sentences you need to translate, then it'll translate automatically into your language (at first you need go to the option menu to choose the language). Can't believe it? Doesn't make a sense? here's a video for a proof!!

What're you waiting for? Just download it and there'll be no more obstacles in travelling to the entire of the world. :D
But I recomend you to learn foreign language instead of using this app continuously. We can do anything if we have learned foreign languages instead of using app that will make us lazy in learning, right ?

Be wise use the app, thx for your visit and happy travelling :D

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