Wednesday, April 23, 2014

About me : Wahyu Adi Pratama

Om Swastiastu, best wishes for all of us. It has been a very long time for me to update this page, about my profile. I realize that a blog which doesn't have the owner's identity is like a person who doesn't have an identity. Yea, every blogs we made describe our self in particular things. In the other words, the blog is like ourself. We put something we like and love it, make it through our article we made. And sometimes, it's the easiest way to know who is the owner, how about their character, what he likes or dislike, and many more. 

Btw, I think that's all about opening statement from me and let's start it. My name is Wahyu Adi Pratama. Just call me Bli Wahyu hehehe.. I'm Balinese, so does my family. I was born in Karawang, West Java and I know a little bit either Sundanese culture or Balinese culture. Nowadays, I'm studying at Malang city in the faculty of law. O ya, forgive me, I forget it, I live in Bali so at this moment, I wander to Malang to continue my study. 

As you can see on my blog theme, my blog is about tourism object, art and culture in Indonesia. I collect several of them, island by island, to share with my visitors and bloggers that this is Indonesia and I love being Indonesian. And you know I have a dream to visit all tourism objects which is posted in this blog. Ya, that's one of my big dreams, to witness and enjoy the beauty of Indonesian nature directly, to learn about local wisdom of several local tribes in Indonesia, their language and culture also local art. Nowadays, I have finished my visit to several tourism objects like Bali island, GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana), Prambanan temple, Lombok island, Malang, and many more. 

Several years ago, I ever read some articles and news about Indonesia in the eye of foreigners. One statement which made me laugh and decided to make a blog about Indonesia and its arts, cultures, and tourism objects is they only know about Bali, even I ever read that Indonesia is in Bali. Well, never mind about it, when I described myself as a foreigner, I realize that the foreigners know it from the ads, attractive promotions which always show Bali as the most favorite tourist destination in Indonesia. So the foreigners identified that Indonesia as Bali or vice versa. Well, that's not wrong, but need a little correction and the corrections is already in my blog.

That's why I made this blog, to show and introduce that Indonesia is not only located in Bali. Indonesia is started from Sabang (Aceh) until Merauke (Papua) by the distance around 8.514,22 km, from end to end. Look at this picture and look at the red circle :

Do you see where is Bali and where is Indonesia? I'm sure you get it, Bali is in Indonesia and there's no doubt about it. So tell your family, friends, your girlfriend / boyfriend, or anyone who has a plan to visit Indonesia later, don't just visit Bali as your holiday destination, visit other tourism objects like Raja Ampat, Mount Bromo, Bunaken Sea Park, Derawan and Sangalaki islands, Mentawai, Komodo island, and many more for more experiences to enjoy the beauty of Indonesia. Don't forget to learn each local wisdoms, arts and cultures in every place or destinations you visit. It will complement your experiences about Indonesia. 

For the closing statement, don't just look the beauty of Indonesia from the pictures, news, magazine, ads, or anything else. Look it by yourself with your head and eyes. You'll feel the different atmosphere if you look and witness it directly. Every destination or places you visit will give you more power and energy to explore other places in Indonesia, so you won't feel bored even fatigue. The more you explore, the more experience you get, so don't forget to list Indonesia as your the next holiday destination.

For my beloved visitors, many thanks for your visit and at the end I say : OM Shanti Shanti Shanti OM, may peace be with us forever.

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