Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Balinese calendar software (Free)

Usually for hindus (like me) who are studying or working outside of Bali always get confused to search and find Balinese calendar, complete with all attributesand of course it's very different with other calendars.

At this time, I want to share something unique about "BalaBali Kalender". Yap, BalaBali Kalender is software of balinese calendar that can be gotten free. This is very useful for me and other hindus who are studying, working or staying outside of Bali. Even you don't need to find Balinese calendar in Bali, a place where the physic calendar come from. It waste your money and time. You don't need to order online for this one. It's free, useful, and cheap.

For tourist, this is very useful if you want to see and witness balinese culture closer on the right day.

Here some screenshots of "BalaBali Kalender"
Here list of application features taken from BalaBali Kalender:
  1. Available in 3 plaforms of OS (Operating System) : Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux
  2. The calculation of wewaran, pawukon (wuku), ingkel, jejepan, pewatekan madya and alit, eka jala, rsi, lintang, pancasuda, pengarasan, rakam, and zodiacs
  3. The calculation of penanggal/panglong, and sasih
  4. The calculation of ala ayuning dewasa (good day or bad day)
  5. The calculation of baya oton or commonly called as ruwatan
  6. Event Maintenance : To search, add, change, and delete one or more events accordance with several parameters (Gregorian date, sasih date, wewaran, wuku, and etc)
  7. Eye Catching Effects : It has transition effect and also eye-catching in hide or show the panel.
  8. BalaBali PuniaWall : We give testimony room that can be accessed by every user of Bali Bali Kalender as our appreciation for the donors and the sponsors
  9. Documentation and Tutorial in HTML form and video form about "how to use BalaBali Kalender"

Very interesting, isn't it ? If you're interested, please choose and download one of three links below.

May be useful and thankyou for your visit :)

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