Saturday, July 19, 2014

Israel - Palestine conflict : A new Solution

Sorry if this post is out of the topic and I'm sorry if my words on this post make you hurt. As a human who love a peace, it's my duty to share my opinion about Israel-Palestine conflict which recently occurred few days ago. I have repeatedly heard and read about this conflict since my childhood, around 9th years old and until now. Actually, I really didn't care about this conflict. It's their business and not mine. Also, I have different religion with theirs. But, when I thought about the victims, their properties, their life which destroyed immediately, and so on, my heart said something different. It said: it's about humanity, it's not about religion. Humanity never compares one religion to another religion. 

Some people say that there's no more peace solution for this conflict. The news also said that Israel always reject all UN resolutions about it, and unfortunately, the US agree on it. It's also supporting that a peaceful solution is a dream. I think that the conflict between Israel-Palestine is the root of every terrorist act in the world. So, if we can solve it, trust me, the terrorism acts over this world can be eliminated faster. It may happen if the world community unite as one, shouting for an eternal peace there and pressing world government to endorse it. 

So then, what is the solution? At first, I thought that this's a crazy solution. But yeah, this is kind of the freedom of expressing your thought.

Have you imagined about the fusion between 2 countries? It's not really different from the first one. It happened shortly after Germany defeated by allied forces in World War 2, this country is divided into two, the West Germany belongs to US and their allies and the East Germany belong to the Soviet Union. Both sides were only separated by the Berlin Wall. And as you know, both sides, the west and the east, merged into one and now we usually call it Germany, not West or East Germany. Even though the situation of the merger of the two countries, based on Germany case mostly because of the similarity in culture and race, doesn't mean that the merger between Israel and Palestine can't be occurred.

According to my knowledge, this is not a religion conflict, even though the Holy Quran mentions it. How could religions make conflict with other religions? That's impossible. Religion has its own path to bring their followers to praise their God, become a good person, have a better life according to their holy books, and so on. So I conclude that this is about territory dispute.

Different with others, I have no time to criticize and curse both sides, Hamas or Israel. I have spent my time to do it. Cursing or criticizing one of them won't make the dispute ends. We need a solution, which is already mentioned above. Yea, a merger of two countries between Israel and Palestine. Is it possible? Possible surely. According to the primary problem of Israel - Palestine, the history said that the British took control Palestine territory after won the World War 1 against Ottoman (Turkey) and its allies. The Palestine territory itself was included in the Ottoman empire before Ottoman defeated. If so, Palestine territory was belong to British according to war treaty between Ottoman and British.

The common opinion said "the freedom of Palestine, the freedom of Palestinian". I agree with that. But the situation says different. Each parties never stop to get into the conflict by their own interest. How much longer we have to wait until one of them fulfill their interests? No one knows. If Palestinian claims the land where Israel occupied today was belong to them, why they don't try to propose a conditional merger with Israel and make a new country with a new government system (with the new name as well)? The conditional merger means the Palestine territory includes Gaza Strip and West Bank have its own authority, but still related to the central authority. In legal term, it's called autonomous administrative division. An autonomous administrative division has its own specialization such as having its own policy in economy, law, public policy, and so on. 

I believe that Israel will accept this offer. The Israel interest is about to protect their citizens from Hamas's rockets, so does Palestine, they want to protect their citizens as well. If it is occurred in the future, not impossible for the Palestinian and Israeli to get their old freedom, free from the fear of war. I'm sure both Palestinian and Israeli will accept this. They're bored with the war, which has been going on since 1948. They don't want more tears and blood flow out in their motherland. It's not like a self-surrender between one of the parties, Israel or Palestine. No, they don't lose the war, but they win the war. They will succeed protect their citizens forever. Both Palestinian and Israeli will work together, keep their freedom from the evil interests. They will keep together the most historical sites of 3 religions, which is placed in the oldest city in the world, Jerusalem. If Jerusalem in the past was possible to make a peace between 3 religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), proved by the holy buildings of 3 religions built there and they still stand today, why we can't do it at the present? Don't you realize it?

If they (Palestine represented by Fatah and Hamas, and Israel) have hearts and give priority to humanity and absolute peace, I would say goodbye to every sectarian conflict and terrorism in this world. I hope that one day later, it will become true. So let's pray and hope for the best future of both countries. May God with its power give them an absolute peace. May God abolishes every conflict and war there forever. I know that our God loves the people who struggle a peace there. I realize that it needs a great power to make it possible. So let's pray and hope both parties open their hearts in the name of Humanity. 

Source : My own mind.

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